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These prompts are simple questions to get us to think about our soccer communities and our stories of and within community. Respond in simple, short, sentences. Speak as you would to a friend, but be conscious that others will hear your words, so be clear. Don’t over think it.

Our organizations and work often overlook the importance of documenting, in whatever manner, our own stories. Let’s take a moment to reflect and record who we are.

Record your answers using whatever audio recording device is easiest: iPhone voice memo app, Easy Voice recorder app for Androids, etc.

Label the documents this way:
Last Name, First Name. Local. DATE.

Sanchez-Tello, George.Los.5.23.20

Local Labels:
Los Angeles: Los
Oakland: Oak
Xicago: Xic
New York City: NYC
Twin Cities: Twin
D.C.: D.C.

Once you've finished recording, use the form on this page to post your story.



  1. Name: Very simply, introduce yourself by your name – as you wish to be called and remembered.
  2. Pronouns: What pronouns do you prefer to be known by?
  3. Age: How many trips around the moon?
  4. Community/City/Neighborhood: Where you from. Start with your local: NYC, Xicago, Oakland or L.A.. Maybe identify all the places you hail from as well.
  5. Community, League or Both?: Pick up? Left Wing in a league? Both?
  6. Time with Left Wing Futbol? How long have you been apart of this community?

Left Wing Local – Stories of Your Futbol Community

  1. Describe you local: Where do you play? Who are the people you play with? When do you meet?
  2. Describe your contributions to your local: When did you join? Why did you join? In addition to the futbol, what other roles do you serve?
  3. The Pitch: Where do you play? Why? What’s it like?
  4. The Play: What’s a typical community, or pick up game, like with your local? How is it different from league play?
  5. Moments: Share a story about a memorable moment with your local.

Left Wing Philosophy

  1. Why does it mean to play Left Wing Football?: Describe what, if anything, makes Left Wing Football different? Are there guiding ideals or principals that you and your local follow? Is the action and physical play different because of our ideals?
  2. Left Wing in the community?: How does Left Wing Football stand out in the community? How do you bring it into your communities off the pitch or field?

Submit an Oral His / Her Story

Oral His / Her Story Submission Form
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