What to Bring

Come Prepared!

We recommend you bring the following to Copa:

  • Registration fee, if you have not already paid
  • Comfortable clothing for working up a sweat
  • One light- and one dark-colored shirt for each day (we don’t have enough pinnies to go around!)
  • Cleats or other athletic shoes
  • Shin guards (if you have them)
  • Soccer ball (if it’s easy to travel with)
  • Sunscreen
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Reusable plate, cup, and utensil for meals (if it’s easy to travel with)
  • Warm clothing for both on and off the pitch
  • Cash for incidentals


The weather for this weekend looks pretty good, with highs in the mid 80s Friday through Sunday, and then in the upper 60s on Monday. Evening temps should be in the mid 60s. We recommend layers and a light jacket. Bring sunscreen if you can and make sure to bring a reusable water bottle so that you stay hydrated on the field.

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